Is SuperMax and KODI Addons LEGAL to use? (pinned post)

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Is SuperMax and KODI Addons LEGAL to use? (pinned post)

Post by admin » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:42 am

If you are not sure what a VPN is but have been hearing a lot about them lately - now is the best time you should consider using one. Click here to find out what a VPN exactly is, why you should use one, and which provider to choose.

Is the SuperMax Wizard Legal to use?
Yes, the SuperMax Wizard is nothing more than a Portal to third party KODI Add-ons, exactly the same as SuperRepo. The only difference is we only have the latest & greatest add-ons in the SuperMax Build (since there are thousands of KODI Add-ons/Apps) - and we organize them in an elegant way, for simplicity and ease of use. SuperMax is not affiliated with any of the third party addons/plugins for KODI/XBMC. The Third Party Addons for KODI are made by various third parties and are free to download for the public.

Are Third Party KODI Add-ons Legal to use for Streaming?
Yes, they are. The third party add-ons that SuperMax includes in the SuperMax Builds DO NOT contain any TORRENTS or P2P based services. They do not download and save any media on your device. You are simply viewing media content and when finished, closing the page. Please read-on for a thorough explanation:

Some third party apps which the user can install into Kodi search the public domain (public internet) for streams. The same way that if you were to search Google for “example tv show “or “music video stream” and browse through the sites that Google retrieved for you, and then click and watch the stream. The stream could infact be hosted on Google Video, YouTube, Daily Motion or other online webhosts. Therefore in searching the public domain for streams, you are accessing media which is readily available to the public already on a PC, laptop or mobile phone (literally any device you own which has access to the internet and a search engine).

It is assumed that this is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL.
For example, if you were to search a “Tube” website for adult content, you will be given thumbnails of videos which were found and available for you to stream. You, as a user, are not required to contact the website, uploader, or host and have them send you authorization documents BEFORE you click on that stream or video (in fact even if you did request these, you probably wouldn’t receive a response). The adult video you clicked on may have been a stolen video from someones mobile phone - but you don't know that - and it is not your responsibility to know that.

It is the responsibility of the website and host to ensure that they are not hosting any content which they do not own or which infringes copyright. It is the responsibility for content owners to take down content from unauthorized sites. This is nothing to do with end-users of the internet, at all.
Users do not get in 'trouble' if they watched a movie on YouTube, which was later removed from YouTube because of copyright. Why? Because it's YouTube's responsibility to keep their site clean from copyrighted content. (YouTube will get in trouble, if they don't remove that content).

It is virtually impossible to know whether websites have authorization for the media that they display on their websites. Billions of people all around the world use their internet to search for streams and media content to view every single day. To our knowledge, there has never been a case from anywhere around the world, which states that simply searching the internet and clicking on an available stream is illegal.
To our knowledge, it is only illegal to share, contribute or download and save content which you do not own.

If you as a user decided to install third party Kodi addons onto your device through a third party wizard, those third party addons DO NOT store any content, you are NOT saving any media, you are NOT sharing any content, they do NOT use the P2P protocol, and you are NOT doing anything illegal! You are simply viewing what you could already be viewing on your mobile phone or PC’s browser by searching Google, but instead, you’re letting a program do the search for you.

To make the concept explained above a little easier to understand:
Some third party KODI Apps search the web for streams (simply pretend that you were on your computer right now and type "watch example video") - but instead of you having to go through all the sites and ads, KODI will simply give you the direct links to click on - bypassing ads & the potential viruses & malware from those malicious pop ups. This is exactly what the third party KODI add-ons for Movies and TV shows do - it's that simple!

What about other types of KODI Add-ons?
Some third party Kodi addons do not search the world wide web for streams. Some of them are linked to official sources such as PLUS7, TENPLAY, USTVnow, FilmON, YouTube, VEVO, DailyMotion, GoogleVideo and other Official sources whom provide free and Official legal to view content. Other third party add-ons which scrape/search the internet (world wide web) for streaming sources are commonly referred to as “a grey area” and there is no law that states streaming content found on the public domain is illegal.

Example: USTVNOW provides free Official USA channels including #, NBC, ABC, PBS & more.

Example: Crackle provides free Official Movies and TV shows

Example: FilmON provides free Official UK TV, International Channels, Movies & TV Shows.

Example: Australian Live TV & Catchup content comes directly from the Official sources.

It is also NOT illegal to use a proxy/vpn to watch content or channels which are 'geo-restricted'. The same way that people use services such as "GetFlix" to watch American NetFlix from outside the USA. Totally legal.

SuperMax does not condone nor encourage or support piracy at all. It is very important to take note of this. If searching the web for streams was illegal, then SuperMax would not exist - as we would not take part in any illegal activities (or provide a portal for apps that would be illegal for people to use).

But I've heard that Streaming Movies is Illegal, what's all that about then?
Streaming or Downloading TORRENTS is illegal. Torrents are otherwise known as P2P (a sharing platform). Popular TORRENT sites you may have heard about include ThePirateBay & PopCornTime. Torrents (P2P) are totally different. In simple terms, the way torrents work is; you stream and download part of a file from someone in (example location 1), you download or stream the other part of a file from someone in (example location 2), someone else from (example location 3) downloads what you have personally already downloaded so far, directly from you etc. So when you Stream or Download from a TORRENT file, you are actually DOWNLOADING/UPLOADING & SHARING content - and that's why its illegal. Torrents are usually files being shared from peoples personal computers or servers. All torrents have "public trackers", which store your IP Address onto the tracker - which is why some people receive warning letters from their ISP when they use TORRENTS. If you have heard about someone receiving a "warning letter" for streaming, then that means they were either downloading torrents directly, or they were using a streaming service such as PopCornTime or ShowBox which are P2P (torrent based streaming). If you want to use TORRENTS (not recommended), you should use a VPN service to protect your privacy & identity. Again, we don't recommend torrents at all, in fact, we are totally against them - since they are illegal to use.

You do not need to use a VPN for third party KODI Add-ons, because as explained above, they are not tracked, they are not connected to a 'tracker', they are not files being shared across people, they are not TORRENTS, they are not illegal. It's simply you BROWSING the internet.

Do any Third Party KODI Add-ons use TORRENTS?
Yes there are some such as "P2P" and "AceCast" - but WE DONT INCLUDE THEM IN THE SUPERMAX WIZARD OR BUILDS. None of the add-ons we include contain TORRENTS or P2P based content. You can rest assured.

Do you have anything to back up your claims that streaming is not illegal?
Recently, an interesting article published by CBC NEWS on February 22nd 2016 in CANADA, promoted a local Canadian seller who is a seller of Pre-Loaded/Fully Loaded Android TV Boxes with links to free media content. The title of this article is “Free TV for life? It’s here, and it may even be legal”. The word “may” was used so that CBC would not receive any headaches or be labelled as ‘promoting piracy’, though, it has recently become common knowledge that streaming media content from the internet IS LEGAL. It is commonly referred to as a "gray area", but since there are no laws that say this is illegal - that means it is legal - period. There has never been a case of anyone getting into trouble for streaming (except those who use TORRENTS - for the reasons mentioned above).

Here is a link to that interesting article: ... -1.3455524

Why does the SuperMax Wizard need Username/Password to use?
To prevent other "android tv box fully loaded" sellers to use the SuperMax Wizard & Build on their devices, whilst selling it off to customers as their own. A lot of time and effort is put into SuperMax, and this is the preventative measure that we have in place, to prevent unauthorized sale/use.

KODI Add-ons are FREE, why do you try to prevent others from using SuperMax then?
Correct, third party KODI Add-ons are ALL FREE. Ontop of that, we didn't create any of them - SuperMax is actually not affiliated with any of the third party addons. They are all freely available to download and install from the internet. However, our build & package takes a lot of time and effort to maintain, and if you are not happy with that - then please download the add-ons by yourself, and maintain your device by yourself. You don't need SuperMax, and we don't need you.

How can we use a VPN without having our SuperMax Account banned?
In order to use your VPN service along with the Wizard, you need to do the following:
  • 1) Log in and use the SuperMax Wizard without a VPN running. After you have downloaded the updates, you don't need to use the Wizard anymore.
    2) Activate your VPN and use your device as usual.
    3) When its time to update again, deactivate your VPN BEFORE clicking on the Wizard.
It's quite a simple concept to grasp :)


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